Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Imogen and Kayla explain to you the path pattern using the rule - the number of paths multiplied by three and add one. I think they did a really good job for their first video attempt. Let us know what you think.

Sunday, 24 March 2013


One of our writing groups have done some reflections on the Triathlon and Bikewise. See what they had to say...
We will create a photo slideshow to add to this too!

Bikewise was fun! We brought our bikes and checked the brakes, pedals, handles and helmets. After, it was time to test our bikes on a course with cool as obstacles, like ducking trees and unbalancing seesaws. After, we were back at class. What a huge success. The next day was the triathlon and I was scared. There were heaps of people surrounding me like a bunch of elephants blowing their trunks. Finally, it was my turn to do the triathlon. I wheeled my bike up to the domain. I felt happy. I waited for about another hour. We finally got to start our race, I finished 7th .

The bikewise was unbelevibly fantastic! I had lots of fun riding around on my bike & leading other people so they are more confident. The bikewise test helped me balance better on my bike. The Triathlon was a great, fun, hard, and an exiting event. Lots of people enjoyed doing it more than watching! After the triathlon, everyone was tired, and the parents were proud of their children. Although, some of them were complaining about being tired! But everyone had fun racing friends and other students of their age.
Corban :)

What a success! The triathon and bikewise was awesome (for everyone). So many people participated but not everyone had the chance to do bikewise or the full triathalon. Everyone tried their best. The whanau groups supported each other and other groups. I think about eighty percent of the school participated. Some people trained to get fit. Well done to the winners. The juniors did a good job out there. Thank you to the parents that came to support everyone.  Well done.!!!

A couple of weeks ago the sporty triathalon took place at Te Kauwhata Primary School. It was awesome because we got to ride our bikes and excersice a lot  and we gained some muscle power! Bikewise was awesome as well because we went on a obstacle course and there was a roundabout and a see-saw. Chloe hit the pretend noodle tree. Even the Juniors had fun.  Our favourite parts were biking and swimming.
Ella,Chloe and Rochelle

The bikewise was so much fun!! First we checked our cool bikes to see if the brakes worked, then we checked our helmets. we rode around on an awesome course. It was really fun because there were lots of ramps and there was a fun roundabout. We rode around the course for about 20 minutes and then we put our bikes back in the pool area for the triathlon. The next day was the triathlon. Everybody was nervous and the cones were getting put around the fields. We all got into our togs then we sat in our whanau groups.The first race started at 11:30. The first race was the juniors races. The seniors went after that. Then the triathlon was all finished.
Jack and Fin

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Our Highlights So Far

The year has kicked off to a great start. We have done some cool team building activities to begin to get to know others in the classroom and to work together, participating and contributing towards the activity. We had a tower building challenge where we had to make the tallest tower using marshmallows and straws, then we got to eat the marshmallows. They were yum!

It was really exciting when we got our new stationery packs and named all our books. We were surprised that the pens had changed.

We have done a lot of swimming over the last few weeks getting ready for swimming sports which happened today, however we will write about that later.

In our classroom, we were given a beach tent to have as a learning space. We take turns using the tent at the moment because it is a novelty. Later on in the term we will hopefully just be able to take turns ourselves. We will put up a picture of our tent to show you what it looks like. Our class has had discussions over the past few weeks about how we can make our classroom a better learning space. Hopefully we will have some more new and exciting things to add to our classroom throughout the year.